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A Little Popcorn can make a big difference

D.J. Jacobetti Veterans Home:  A Little Popcorn can make a big difference. The D.J. Jacobetti Veterans Home in Marquette Michigan announced the need for a […]


New Chapter Name, Expanded Service and Membership Area

June 2013 marks the first month of our new Chapter Name, Expanded Service and Membership Area.  With Ratification of the Chapter changes approved at the […]


New Transportation Network Van

We received our new Transportation Network Van, purchased using your community donations.  The Van will be used to support our area Veterans with transportation to Medical […]


Michigan News

DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganJune 26th, 2017 at 8:46pm

National service officers at state convention

Kim Tatham Have a productive and enjoyable convention.
DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganJune 26th, 2017 at 8:46pm

Department of Michigan Service Officers

DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganJune 26th, 2017 at 8:46pm

Past National Commander Joe Johnston speaking to our State Convention Service Officer training.

DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganJune 26th, 2017 at 8:46pm

On May 23, 2017, the Administration released the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) budget for fiscal year 2018. Contained within this budget were two legislative proposals that DAV strongly opposes because if enacted into law, they would seriously reduce benefits for our nation's ill and...

DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganJune 26th, 2017 at 8:46pm


National News

DAVJune 26th, 2017 at 8:46pm

Under the law signed Friday, Dr. Shulkin will have greater authority to expedite the demotion, suspension or removal of department employees based on bad performance or wrongdoing.

Mike Mattli our veterans deserve the best, and understaff, overworked, and underpaid workers working in outdated hospitals and using outdated equipment is the problem. Build new hospitals, hire more people, get new and moderen equipment and make the pay as good as civilian jobs in the same field.
Tim Pennington Yet they want to take away money from veterans when they turn 62 and now want to create a wellness program. Wtf is that? Does he expect to play Jesus and heal veterans using a plan created by some crackhead that thinks they know it all? SMDH
Bill Miles Dumbest bill signed. Gives management at the VA to continue more nepotism and keep and promote their friends while getting rid of the people who what to really help veterans.
Dick Miale And what happens when upper management dislikes an employee and uses the new law to get red of him. Remember that politics does exist in the VA and some employees will lose their right to file an appeal against the VA
Jill Chase It's just that the VA doesn't go far enough. They told my son he might have a fairly serious health condition at his last physical after he got out and he should have it checked out, on his own insurance, that he didn't have . They did double hernia surgeries on him in the service that healed improperly due to inadequate time to do so, but the VA won't cover them being taken care of now. All my boys who served have signifthearing damage... not sure if they are going to help with that. Apparently it's not enough to get any compensation. That are young but their hearing is like an old man😔
Bob Harris Don't get your panties all bunched up for nothing, this law is BOGUS, just like the last attempt. Federal employee unions will challenge this law in court as discriminatory and will prevail and the law will be VOIDED! This law discriminates against a subgroup of Federal employees - VA employees. The ONLY law that will pass legal review is a law that covers ALL federal employees, not just VA employees. Targeted discrimination is grounds for voiding a law as unconstitutional. These morons running the White House need better Legislative lawyers, Trump's incompetent cronies are wasting taxpayers money on such stunts!
Mark Slogger Jernigan OK down, at least 10 more things to go - - make this happen, put it behind you and fix more stuff. It does absolutely NO good to hold an endless series of news conferences telling us how good you are. SHOW US !! Make it happen !!
Roger Bennett Although my local VA hospital takes pretty good care of me, a lot of vets are not that lucky. There has been a breach of trust; and fixing it will take some effort to restore it.
Steven Warner Let's begin with outsourcing all new hires. To much Nepotism and getting in people who want to work our veteran employees why they make plans to work out of their homes. Service Connected vets should be at the top of the list to work out of their home, not the liberals who have brought our states substandard healthcare. If they are currently the planners, Shulkin should switch out there roles as floor nurses and general clinicians, etc and show them what accountability and Karma is all about. Reward someone moving up at a five star facility to another facility to bring up the standard and educate. No rocket science there.
Mary Bowie Thank you, Jesus! This is the BEST news I have heard or read in decades. My father, a retired Army Vietnam Veteran who died from cancer being exposed to Agent Orange, would be so happy to hear this good news. Only the best employees who are sincerely caring, know their job, and are professionals not artificial, deserve to serve us Veterans. Good job President Donald J. Trump.
Eric Cowgill It will never happen. Federal emp...ehr criminals are "tenured". Get rid of all the execs and stop paying bullshit bonuses and hire real people to actually assist us vets with issues instead of running fake news conferences like this. Have you ever experienced the frustration of calling for help days upon days without anyone even answering the phone? If by God's grace you get anyone to answer, then you wait 3 months for an appointment, only to be told the day of your appointment that your appointment is cancelled.
Phillip Barnes I hope this get rid of the terrible people working for the VA in Lubbock. I got a nurse impersonating a doctor and they just laugh about it. Scheduling clerks who decide who sees your primary or a resident. How about a doctor who sees you for your disability rating and examines you from across the room at his desk never leaving his chair.
Thomas Skipper Wildes What about those bonuses? Just how does a civil servant get a bonus anyway? Where does that money come from? If there are monies keft over from any budget they should be rolled back into the system, not passed out to government employees.
Burl Godbey Start with management and red tape the biggest problem is the people who actually do the work are way understaffed and yes under paid. I went to work for the VA because of a service connected injury I could not do the job in the private sector, took a 13 dollar an hour pay cut. Been off work since April due to surgery for a service connected problem the red tape that ties everything up I have gotten one check on my temporary 100% and that was June 22.
Brent Burkus The VA has erected a bureaucracy to deny and frustrate veterans who try and use their health care. When received, the health care is great, but overcoming the scheduling bureaucracy is another story.....
David McCarthy Management can easily lie on a performance evailulation and get away with it. That's how corrupt the VA is, not too mention they lie when it comes down to numbers, they make the VA look better than what it truly is.
Peter Martin Let's be honest. The problem isn't a couple of social workers going rogue and not doing their jobs or some poor guy on the HAZMAT crew who smokes a little pot on his break. No, the problem with the VA is with the upper management and administration who falsify documents while allowing workers to be overworked. THAT is the problem!
Kathi Mcdermott Great, and in the interim the vets wait for health care, doctor visits, and not to worry they are going to zap the disabled vets by sticking them on SS. If I knew how to send you the despicable letter I just received from Sen. Tim Scott you all would be spitting nickels right now. But not to worry they are cutting benefits, sticking them on SS just before they start the cuts to SS. So sing the praises on this bill that should be deemed only common sense while Vets lay dying waiting for care.
Janna Karsjens I hope this includes the removal of poor-performing "gum-chewing" clerks in the Regional offices that seem to think they know better than medical staff and reverse rulings by the VA M.D.'s and psychiatrists about SC ratings and the amount of disability AFTER the vet has passed away.
Steven Warner Dr. Shulkin, as a Lincoln relative, SC Veteran, and employee working at a TN one Star facility, I must suggest to you and my Commander In Chief that we have General Counsel of all 2 Star or less facilities with VISN Leadership testify as accountable to the people in their areas they have failed so miserably. We the Lincoln relatives must educate the public to replace the top brass /Regional Counsel. I am sending in a host of overdue changes via the accountability board. At present all I see is more work directed at the lower GS levels when management is clueless to the standard and willing to work outside the PD (job descriptions) to create a false perception they are improving things. In sum, my testimony essentially is unchecked incompetence and organized corruption coming down from the top. We must work smart and within ethical guidelines. We must do right by our veteran patients. America First-Veterans At The Very Top...
Terry Moon Not a bad thing to do but it won't go nearly far enough. The entire system needs to be scrapped and started over from scratch. As long as their are 9-5 government workers in the VA with no incentive to do better than just collect that check every 2 weeks, they're not going to care.
Andre Wilson The VA Secretary had a townhall meeting the other day. The VA is making strides and improving, but there is work to be done. He did mention that there are 13 hospitals who are failing, mainly because of lack of funding and that they are working on improving those hospitals. Guess where all of those 13 hospitals are located and guess who they voted for the last election and the last four or five elections. Demographics plays alot in the type of care you receive at the VA and local civilian hospitals.
Kengi Stargazer If they want to get rid of bad people Id say one of the first ones should be Mental Health professional Dr. Goad in Memphis. She was rude towards myself and my service dog and my medical caregiver. After a evaluation I got a copy of her notes and found out that she had outright lied and falsified my answers to deny me on my claim.
Shawn Stice They are trying to take away disabilities all together. This guy is going to try to privatize the VA,they say that they aren't, but they also said that they would fight for Vets
Bill Leiderbrand Yeah those wellness programs will be tied to your compensation money. So if a guy says no thanks no monthly check. Try cutting the 160 interior decorators on staff????
DAVJune 26th, 2017 at 8:46pm

Have you heard of the #NotAloneChallenge? Doc Todd has a great message, be sure to check it out.

Carlos Parscal Most Vietnam veterans are half deaf, and don't understand rap.
Cassias Victor Hip hop🙅🏽‍♂️
Curtis Rodgers Oh lord no.
Michael Motherway Yay!
Dawn M. Falkman Very Cool... :-)
Wanda Smith thats cool
DAVJune 26th, 2017 at 8:46pm

Scott has dedicated his life to ensuring that veterans get the care they earned and deserve. After his service as a medic with the U.S. Army, Scott joined DAV as a national service officer. Watch as he shares his story.

John Weinberger While they helped with my initial claims work, I feel like I'm on my own in some follow-up issues. Can't do a walk in. Appointments are 2 months out. And email responses were regurgitated from the VA. Why can't I get some help in fighting the denial of claim? Va days my Navy MOS did not qualify me for hearing loss/tinnitus. My question is to them: What was I doing before I became an intelligence specialist? I worked on a flight line with aircraft turning and burning constantly. I lived in a ship that was still under construction, with metal grinders, Jack hammering, and banging. I got denied. The VA also said that the record of dental treatment that I was offered to receive because of a trauma that occurred doesn't exist anymore! WTF!!!??? YET THE VA HAD ME IN THEIR SYSTEM FROM THE 1980s? Something is fishy. Can I get some guidance, a sit down, whatever besides"here, fill this out and send it to the VA". I thought that when I elected the DAV to be my POA that I would get some kind of help in getting a notice of disagreement in motion
Craig Edwards When I got out in 1992 they told me I could not work on trucks after working on them for 15 years in the army, in Europe. Imagine that, witch has a more strenuous induction system.
Hugo Romero While the dav helped me file my claim the guy that helped me just sort of left me in the wind no call back or any type of explination no further guidance on how to apeal my claim or file NOD nothing......once again left in the wind very very disapoined
Dianne Daniel Oxford The DAV is a must have help here in North Idaho and Western Washington. They go above and beyond with help and navigating the VA system. Thank you DAV, you rock !
Charlie Hull We have been forgotten only when we were needed were we important. What a scar on what use to be the greatest country in the world
Jennifer Moriarty Starks I got out in 1992? Was told my desert storm syndrome was lupus or just in my head? PTSD? Suck it up? Desert storm wasn't a "real" war. Gas alarms going off were "drills". I think about the 22 every day. I've often wondered if I will become one of the 22.
Jennifer Moriarty Starks Oh lord. The va is sooo much better now than '93. But still way overworked and once a GS job? No motivation. Sry for life.
Bonnie Dinguss My husband was in Vietnam and is now dying of leukemia from being exposed to agent orange...he suffers so...and I pray for all Veterans... and I thank you for your service...and my dad was in WW2...all war Veterans are hero's...
Barry Donovan I joined DAV, don't even know what they do. If they work a hacked 4 life tour like mine, I'll be a poster boy in their videos too.
Barbara Zustovich I watched your video and very moved. My son SGT. Chris DeRemer was United States Army Combat Medic & also a 911 First Responder. Now deceased. I understand your drive . Thank you. I'm am a Gold Star Mother⭐️ Chris achieved employment as a DOD paramedic. 🇺🇸 God Bless you, Sir 🇺🇸⭐️
Silas Keanini Thank you for your Service and thank you for returning your Service with your skills.... Semper Fi
Teresa Tcme My Uncle Harvey was a medic WWII Calvalry ...then dedicated his life to veterinarian... Doc Foland... to his animal friends. Thank you for your service.
Joyce King Davis Amen...God bless all who enter the world to medically​ help others..amen...
Jacqueline Cisneros-Fuentes My husband joined DAV..we also give alot of Items to them.
Kevin Working I know a dishonorable discarged vet who only served one year getting 1500 bucks a month because of this guy. He is very healthy, just faking it! Thanks to this guy on the video! 90% of PTSD are fakers, Ive seen it alot!
James Kirscher bless you patriot,if you can't change the past ,how possibly can it go away?especially when they won't even acknowledge it happened
Shelly Kennedy Great job choice Scott! So very proud to see a veteran helping others out. Awesome job, and very well done!
Mike Hancock Thank you for your service and for your dedication to our wounded warfighters.
Roger D May Thank you for your service as a soldier and a servant to the military.
Craig Brooks How do you get an mri from the va. I have been going to therapy for over 2 months no help. My arm keeps going numb and also I had neck surgery on the opposite side 20 years ago and 5 back surgeries .i never seen a specialists
Ron Cook They're all heroes to me. I thank you for your service. God bless.
Mark Scarselli DAV Rep. Gibney at the Albany branch needs to see this video. What a horrendous, pitiful, and disgraceful representative of the DAV that guy is.
Clay Andrews If you want to put your money in Veterans care, support the DAV.
George Cowan Thank you for your service to your country and your continual service through this good organization
Theresia Mansfield Thank you so much for your service, and your continued care ,you are all HEROS in my book🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😍😍😍😍😍
DAVJune 26th, 2017 at 8:46pm

DAV and RecruitMilitary are hosting an All Veterans Career Fair at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. Tune in to find out what employers - like Marriott Careers and Hearst Television - are looking for from veteran job seekers and the value they bring to the...

DAV The full list of 2017 DAV job fairs is available at, and be sure to check out opportunities through our virtual job fairs at
Kirby Bush Is this available for military Auxiliary as well? Or just active and reserves?
Dolan Smith Do you have anything for Florida?
Jessica Christa Do u have a job in Montgomery, Al
Tim Maloukis What is available in Norman , Ok ?
Rob Cornell Illinois here
Steven B Lawlor What have you accomplished? Nothing I'm aware of
Barbara Finger Any job fairs in WI?
MH Fagin Thank you DAV, for all you do!!!
Chris Fernando I just attended the one at Camp Pendleton . It was the best job fair I have ever been to. It would of been nicer to see more vets get more time off of active duty time to attend set a plan out for their future. I had very positive talks with many of the recruiters there. I just hope that they are truly willing to hire experienced veterans and not just another dog and pony show.
Paul Gregory Johnson DAV does an awesome job especially what they are up against...the VA and Government...they fight for you when you can no longer fight...thank you.
Sidney Bennett we did not have this when I got out of the service in the late 1960. I like this for the veterans now. I hope they keep doing this.🙂
David Sweet That's nice but we disabled and impoverished veterans can't make it there--is there going to be some kind ofm outreach program?
Mike Stowers I would love to be able to work. Good luck to you guys that can. Sounds like some great opportunitys.
Donna Robinson Driscoll That background noise... turn and tell them to shhhh, haha
Garry Hurley Jr Veteans need jobs. I am unemployed and will not relocate. How about showing us a little respect and not demanding we sell our VA Mortgaged homes and force our spouses to close their businesses to work for you? Many companies have offshore staffs, so if they can work for you, so can I
David Circosta I've been to over 20 job fairs and I never even got an interview or a call back, to me it's just a waste of time because I don't qualify for anything that they're looking for. Not only that but if they need to hire now they're not going to wait for you to get educated for the job
Carey Harvey This needs to be a national day around the USA, 1 day for all men and women who was brave enough to wear them boots, and they should all be given a better paying job than the one the government paid them to do something that most of them wouldn't have balls to! Thank you for doing this!
Dan Snow God Bless All Our Troops! America NEEDS to take Better Care of our Troops!
Michael Philip Huyck I cant hear them over the back ground noise
Kristien Taylor Hi I am an disabled Army Veteran with a Masters Of Science in Psychology, is there anything you have to offer me.
Orlene Emm Hard to hear 👂
Nick Blaha Looking good guys and gals
Denise Mason Denise Mason
Joseph Bryant Thanks for what you do
DAVJune 26th, 2017 at 8:46pm

In honor of PTSD Awareness Month, we’re working to end the stigma associated with post-service mental health challenges. Treatment is not surrender; it’s just the beginning of your story.

John Newcomb Thank You Veterans! Living with PTSD & TBI's is challenging but possible with prayer, counseling and good solid friendships. Medical cannabis works well for me with the biggest benefit being not remembering nightmares. It has no side effects not unlike pharmaceutical drugs. Recently getting a service dog has helped immensely too.
Virginia DeCrane Broschk Did you know there a different degrees of PTSD. Those who are in the military have the worst. Those who are in or have been in abusive situations can have it too. I just learned this a few weeks ago.
Pete Reddan If you want to end the stigma, stop calling it a disorder! If you experienced what those with "PTS" experienced, you would have the same stress. It is a normal reaction to incredibly traumatic events.
Julie Hutchins Sutton PTSD not only affects our military but people in every day society, like foster children, adults and children that were abuse or suffered or witnessed a traumatic event.
Derek Smith You want to work against the stigma? Stop sending Veterans to these buerchracy ridden V.A. for their healthcare. Boxes and boxes of off label prescribed psychotropic prescriptions that are being used as the "see if this works" program. Good luck veterans your the ones that get to be the acting live human trial specimens for these drug companies. And due to the industry of psychology your always just one VA skittle away from being a statistic.
Lonny Thorp The thing is, their used to an extreme structured life style & coming home to no work. Some over time end up slowly heading over to doing that crap. We gotta make good paying jobs for these people in the lines of their fields of work. We losing to many down the cranks, its just not right
Michaela Merk-Pantle I support them all; my husband is a veteran too. After 23 he retired in 2012 from the USAF; he had several deployments and I can tell you it changes a person. Others don't see it from the outside. We've been married 26+ years. It's a game changer for sure.
Katherine Weaver Basically with PTSD, it happens when your Fight or Flight Mechanism in the Brain does not know how to turn off and you get Sensory Overload really easy and your body and brain show symptoms of stress much quicker than it used to. Each person w/PTSD has a different story and different situations that trigger it. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has helped me some along with other new methods that help your brain to build New pathways and help calm the brains response. Any Traumatic events especially endured over a long period of time, keeps ones body in "Flight or Fight" mode. For this reason some service workers(police, nurses,doctors,fireman, etc.)can also be susceptible to getting it.
Debbie Pacheco Robertson Yes, PTSD has many faces! It wears a uniform, a mother or survivors of domestic violence, survivors of childhood abuse and trauma...just to name the top few. I know first hand how PTSD can take over your life. At least the word is finally getting out there.
Nick Terranova When I came back to the U.S. in mid 2004 I denied having any form of ptsd . Then about 5 years later I'm driving a truck and a tire exploded. That was very loud and I immediately thought I was hit with an IED. It brought me back to Iraq for a short while.
Dorene Reyes My brother a Vietnam vet went through this for so many yrs and adding to it people never respected these veterans! It's a battle seeing what veterans go through with PTSD these veterans should get better medical help they have earned that right and free off charge! These Republicans get better medical and they want to cut everything that would help these veterans! Shame on you Republicans and the government!
Briggette Schechtman There is treatment that helps. EMDR. This is a letter I wrote to my ex husband. I hope someone will read it and seek this treatment for themselves or someone they care about. It's long but you can't sum up PTSD in four letters. I have spent most of my adult life waiting for tomorrow. Tomorrow, next week, next month, a new season, next year things will be better. It never was any better. I had some time when I could keep this "thing" at bay and out of nowhere it would come to rise it's ugly head and wipe out the days that I was able to "get through". These outbursts of fear and rejection, really strong feelings of worthlessness, of not being enough, it was an endless cycle that brought so much pain and confusion to me and to those who have tried to understand. I remember asking myself over and over again "What's wrong with you?" I have experienced some things that I would not want anyone to have to live through, I thought those experiences were over, but I was reliving them over and over for years. Just the thought of one of these incidents would bring with it intense heaviness in my chest, waves of nausea and then the deep sadness with tears that did not seem to stop. I could bring up the emotion as if it were happening right then, right now. Then later these "things" would creep out at work, at home, and sometimes when I was alone. I reacted to situations with an exaggerated emotional response. I am a nurse, and I love my calling, but I think now that calling is also what I used to hide this "thing". I did not do that consciously, I think that if I could save them, fight for them, love them, then I too would be saved, loved, fought for...and then this "thing" would just disappear. My mind was always all over the place when I was home, trying to accomplish a task which when complete, I could not tell you the last time I was actually in the moment. It's like when you are driving and stop at a traffic light and say to yourself "how the heck did I get this far"? Alot has changed...I was referred to a therapist who has experience with people who have this same "thing". She explained to me that I was not crazy and that she believed that my brain had not filed away these experiences as it should have, that they were still hanging around. I think now of it as a messy desk, you know, those papaers you swear you are going to put where they belong, but still there they are waiting to be put in their place. I have had one session of EMDR. I did not look it up on the internet, the thought of a life without the "thing" was enough to keep me from wanting to know too much about the therapy, I was concerned that I might skew the results, sabotage it somehow. One week later...I was digging in my garden and carrying mulch, weeding. I paused after a little while, the only thing I had thought about was the garden, how many weeds had grown. My mind was on what I was doing. I was in the moment. I wish I could relay to you the surprise and more importantly the sheer joy at actually being present in my own life. Later in the day I reallized that I could remember all that I had done, the feel of the mulch, the fragrance that only good old dirt has. Freaky!! A few days later my brother called and I talked with him about what I had been up to, therapy, the gardening, and I told him about the EMDR session. I told him what the subject I used during my session and I expected the same old "thing" to rise up and it never did. I did not feel sick, scared, sad, NOTHING!! I was even able to discuss a bit of it with him that he did not know about and guess what? NOTHING!! A week later, I could nott bring up those feelings. They are gone. I now get a little taken back as each day comes and goes and I have another realization that when shopping, I think about shopping. I want you to know, to believe that for the first time that I can remember, I am looking forward to living the rest of my life. Everyday is so weird, because it feels like I am living my life over again. I am in the moment, I feel awake now. I cannot explain why or how nor do I care about either. Does it really matter how EMDR works? I have been loooong winded, but some background was neccessary. I know now that it took courage to live my life like I have and now it does not require all that effort and I am not looking over my shoulder waiting to fight off the "thing". Briggette
Mike Sartoris Get the honnor of attending my nephews service later this month. Staff Sargent Ross USAF lost his life due to PTSD and the lack of support while trying to cope. Let's all work to get our vets the support they need.
Kathy Green My dad had PTSD, it was called schizophrenia then. He was a WWII veteran in charge of getting the paratroopers off the plane. If they didn't jump, he had to push them out. He witnessed some of the chutes didn't open. If you ever saw the movie Beautiful Mind, the shock treatments? That's how it was treated then.
Marianne Damato Van Zandt May God walk beside you with each step you take. Thank you for your service and , as difficult as it seems, keep your faith and prayers in your heart. God IS listening. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Patrick McGilton PTSD is real but watch out that it is not used as an excuse for every wrong every veteran may experience or commit. Remember there are those who claim PTSD without ever experiencing combat in any form. Why because it's easy to claim and hard to disprove. There are those who claim Every Veteran have PTSD or other mental disorders. What that does is give employers a reason to pause before even considering hiring a Vet. Treat those who legibly have PTSD but don't use it as a crutch for those who don't.
William Gilbreath It needs to be well realized that military war veterans are not the only ones highly susceptible to PTSD. As an emergency Paramedic and a RN trauma nurse for over 25 years, I found myself mentally, emotionally, and physically overloaded and broken down. I was dx with PTSD. Many years later, I still have waking flash backs and haunting dreams. I continue to take certain medications as well.
Bill Garner Got misdiagnosed by the Navy with panic attacks. Got to try different drugs until found one that didn't make me worse then developed a tolerance to it so got to try more until finally found another that worked. Then got another to counter the side effects of the one. Retired and went to a civvie therapist who diagnosed me with ptsd. Got dropped by her because the events that gave me ptsd are classified. Found another therapist who used EMDR on me which worked but she moved for a better job. Can't get another therapist because as soon as I explain the classified bit they say they can't help me if I can't talk about it...
Laura Wood Thats the saddest thing about ptsd it has no stereo types whether you are a soldier, a child , a victim of a crime or just a horrific event whatever the circumstance the pain and desperation following those times can be horrible ! We need to invest more into our countries mental health services as well as addiction problems both which are big pink elephants standing in the corner !
Gregory E Mendenhall The only thing worse than PTSD is the Department of Veterans Affairs outright abuse of veterans with PTSD and TBI. John newcomb you are absolutely right about the medical cannabis does help a lot. In Washington State many of the Marijuana store will offer a Veterans Discount. Under no circumstances should a veteran seek treatment at the American Lake division. The mental health staff is filled with quacks, and your records can be put on public display. The will also leave their access open on their computers and then leave the room. If you have been seen at American Lake you should consider ALL of your medical records compromised. Unless of course you believe that the massive ego of Dale E. Smith Lic NO Washington State PY00001573 (director of the clinic) is sufficient to protect your records.
Tina M. Turner I AM A DOMESTIC AND SEXUAL ABUSE SURVIVOR living with ptsd and it is my EXPERIENCE not BELIEF that varying experiences of trauma determines the degree of ptsd situationally not just military induced
De'Anna West And although Veterans are affected, so are people who are not Veterans. Thanks Veteran's for your service....and be especially kind to those who have PTSD from non service related issues!
Sheryl Hill it can be very destructive and horrible. I know from personal experience. My heart and prayers go to our veterans and all who suffer. I went to a Take Your Life Back , 3 day conference In March. It was the best thing I could go for my PTSD. I do have my life back. I know there are a lot of help out there. Choose help. There is no shame it getting help. There is help and light at the end of the tunnel.
Cynthia Ellman I have not served in a war but I lived one PTSD is one thing I have been diagnosed with yet on state assistance I have yet to find a phycologist or phycatrist who takes California state insurance that is close to me so I can drive.people with mental health issues are not treated we are just medicated .I don't think I should be in order to live .
Penny Ferrington Rials I suffer with PTSD..its like waiting for someone to jump from behind a know no one is there..but you can't cross the room..