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A Little Popcorn can make a big difference

D.J. Jacobetti Veterans Home:  A Little Popcorn can make a big difference. The D.J. Jacobetti Veterans Home in Marquette Michigan announced the need for a […]


New Chapter Name, Expanded Service and Membership Area

June 2013 marks the first month of our new Chapter Name, Expanded Service and Membership Area.  With Ratification of the Chapter changes approved at the […]


New Transportation Network Van

We received our new Transportation Network Van, purchased using your community donations.  The Van will be used to support our area Veterans with transportation to Medical […]


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DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganAugust 18th, 2017 at 1:04am

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Kim Tatham Deadline was July 14th
DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganAugust 18th, 2017 at 1:04am
DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganAugust 18th, 2017 at 1:04am

National service officers at state convention

Kim Tatham Have a productive and enjoyable convention.
DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganAugust 18th, 2017 at 1:04am

Department of Michigan Service Officers

DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganAugust 18th, 2017 at 1:04am

Past National Commander Joe Johnston speaking to our State Convention Service Officer training.

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DAVAugust 18th, 2017 at 1:04am

World War II veterans exposed to mustard gas by the military will find it easier to receive help under legislation President Donald Trump has signed into law.

John Giles The Bush W. White House Lied to our Troops about chemical weapons being used in Iraq. Many came home with skin problems. While Washington as always LIED about it. To keep from having to Help these Troops. "In $$$ We Trust". HA !
Rusty Shepard Seems to be standard practice to let most of the veteran populace to die off before anything is done for their benefit we have known of this since for how long
Mary Roudebush need to include all the Veterans who has been exposed to any type of gases or agents. They all serviced our country, so should not matter what war or conflict they went too. they all need help!!!!
Angel Toro Wasn't mustard has more of ww1 issue as it was trench warfare and stagnant for years. WWII was usually moving and changing locations.
Dale Foss If a person went into the service the last year of the war, 1945, at 18, he or she would be 90 years old. I'm sure most of us Vietnam veterans will be dead before they recognize more effects of Agent Orange.
Mary Taylor According to statistics released by the Veteran's Administration, our World War II vets are dying at a rate of approximately 492 a day.This means there are approximately only 855,070 veterans remaining of the 16 million who served our nation in World War II.
April Wade And now that 90% of them are already dead, prepare yourselves for Twitler's speech and tweets about how Andrew Jackson is so proud of him for saving all of the WWII Vets. Meanwhile...those Vets who were exposed to chemicals in Vietnam and Iraq are still alive and still can't get the help they need.
Patti Jo And what about the burn pits for the Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans. Where is the justice, accountability, resources or true information warning of the true dangers of these environmental hazards we are continuously exposing our service members to...A step in the right direct nonetheless.
Cindy Gothier What about all the wars, no matter what war it was all of our veterans should be taken care of, they deserve better, right now I'm fighting for the Fort McClellan Health Registry Act to be signed into law, so what about this one and all of them
Bobby Nagley It is a standard practice for VA to load vets down with pills that only ease pain (while doping vets where they can't do much), wait years to actually treat them until vets give up on getting help or they die, then they take action once most of that era's vets are dead/gone. Many of us have been fighting for 10-20 years to get help with our injuries (physical or mental) only to be blown off, docs writing "denied" in our medical records next to anything that would be a problem, and sending us home with plenty of "refills". They don't want to pay for the actual surgeries or real meds that will help us
Re Eaton most of them or all of them are dead, nice to bring this about now, I used to help an older couple, and the Mr. was exposed and his face was horribly scarred and got very little benefits and had live on what they gave him and welfare, thanks again for support our vets badly
Myra Patterson Well whats left of them :(..ground zero after dropping the bomb on Nagasaki...WWII..Daddy 2nd Marine Division boots on the name one diagnosis.
Travis Snyder It's a little late to help those guys now. What about the guys in Vietnam and current veterans of dessert storm, Iraq. I know plenty of guys that are suffering the VA administration will not help.
Kevin Adam What about the Desert Storm Veterans that was exposed to mustard gas and sarin
Jeremiah Mckinon News flash WWII vets are dead dude. Let's focus on Vietnam desert storm Iraq and Afghanistan u know the ones ppl are still alive from but having problems.
Pat Portzen Alton How about those veterans exposed to Agent Orange?? My husband has suffer for 40 yrs with lung problems caused by that and the VA says it's not approved for Agent Orange.
Jessica Brooks How about the Vietnam Vet that we're exposed to Agent Orange? My dad has been effected. VA won't admit to it he has had so many health issues!
Carla Meyer Lois now let's make it easier for Iraq & Afghanistan vets exposed to burn pits, smoke, dust storms, chemicals, vehicle fumes, ammo dust [the list is long] to get benefits for their newly-developed lung diseases [and that list is also long!]
Aleesha Hy omgosh they r gone now..but trump will make a big speech about how HE SAVED THE WW2 VETS auuughhh good grief!!
Mickey Vecchione How about the agent Orange in Vietnam and the burning oil fields in Iraq. Not faulting Trump but faulting the previous administration's.
Carmen O'Donnell Let's see. If they were twenty when the war broke out. 1941 they would be 96 now. Not many of them still with us
Lonnie D. Hall . How about Vietnam Vets exposed to Agent Orange???
Cyndy Liles Kosemund Oh that's wonderful. Let's wait until 95% of these guys are dead and gone before we decide this. Smh
Adam Miller Thank you, President Trump!
John MacDougall What about the ones who suffer and not listened too, how about their love ones?
DAVAugust 18th, 2017 at 1:04am

The bill, introduced by Rep. David Roe, R-Tenn., will help “end a 15-year limit for veterans to use their education benefits, restore benefits to veterans whose schools abruptly close and fix a Pentagon deployment authorization that has kept about 5,000 reservists from accumulating earned education...

Paul Tart Desert Storm vets had their benefits taken away if not used in 10 years. Yet when I really needed mine to change jobs it was not available. Life doesn't always happen on a perfect schedule, why penalize a veteran for it.
Bill Henson There's actually a lot of authorized double dipping by service members going on that 99% of civilians don't know about. The military gets the GI Bill or Post 9/11 to use when they get out of the military and become civilians. We all know that. What you don't know is while serving in the military, they already get free college costing tens of thousands for each person. For decades, hundreds of thousands of degrees have been earned while they're serving. Then, when they get out they've got that next plus or minus $50K to spend using GIB. I earned my bachelor's and master's degrees free while serving, even while participating in 4 different wars as a First Sergeant then Sergeant Major, working 12-15 hrs days looking after soldiers and other war things. Now I'm retired and have Post 9/11 to use for 48 months of more college. This will piss a bunch of people off. The country could save a lot of money if the system was changed for service members to choose one or the other, but not both. No need for each person to spend $100,000+. Just thought you ought to know how your money is spent. I most definitely agree with doing away with the time limit because a person might be forced to change careers and the 15 years is up and the benefit is lost. That has happened to a lot of soldiers.
Daniel Ballard Will it address the housing allowance issue? Some veterans are in a program where only online classes are offered. It unfortunately restricts them from getting the full housing allowance.
Matt McGrath ONLY for people who served after 2013. They screwed over everybody who served from 2001-2012, people who already lost 8 years or so already. The 15 year time limit still applies. Many have already reached it, THEY were the ones asking to get rid of the limit. They hype it up to take credit, but it didn't help any that served during the brunt of hostilities, those who maybe were recovering/reacclimating post-service.
Steven Ross Not me but I don't need it, someone else can have mine!! I was in from 75-83 came out shot in the neck and paralyzed 100% Disabled there is no end to voc rehab for me!
Pepon River-a Pimentel I support the measure, but I don't like the fact that they are not covering older vets. I hope they make adjustments for those who still "use or loose" and transfers to dependent event to vets.
Mark Slogger Jernigan This is good thing. I was in from '68 to '74. We originally got a set limit on education benefits. Then Congress granted Viet Nam Era Vets an extension. That allowed me to get my original AS Degree and about 3/4 of my undergrad degree. Well wortht it !
Gretchen Rieck I didn't watch this, since so many say it most about trump and not about this topic... but here is my opinion on education benefits.. I think ALL education bennies for ALL veterans should never expire, BUT, I do not feel that these education benefits should be passed on to family members indefinably.
Natalie Murphy Not enough. My husband died in 2007 and paid into the Montgomery GI Bill. He left three children and never used it. Not only did the government kept his contribution of 2,000 dollars which is like 10,000 now, I could not use it or his children. Thank you for nothing.
Jimmy Thies Here's a funny thing about the Gi Bill. Chapter 35 dependents can get 100 percent rate for online school. Granted it is only 1027 or so. However the 100 percent disabled vet that got the dependents the chapter 35 can only get 880 or so for online only school. Does that make sense? The disabled person gets less even if they can't physically go to a school than the dependents that they sponser. That seems like an issue. Silly Uncle Sam.
Cori Smith Curious as to why everyone is discussing education benefits but doing nothing about vets having to fight the VA tooth and nail for years on end to get compensation benefits!
Victoria Quartin This bill is good news except for the fact that it's going to put a cap on the GI Bill housing allowance amount and is actually over time going to lower the housing allowance which makes literally no sense since rent is not getting lower
Will Johnson asks what about a method for a Veteran to cancel VA "over-payment" debt that was a result of NO fault of the VETERAN?
Kevin Beck Put the ability to use it at a part 141 flight school to earn a PRIVATE PILOT LICENSE! so many people got screwed last year!
Jimmy Tiller Yep, VN vets completely left out again. Politicians want to forget we ever fought, I guess. Why aren't our dependents just as good as those of post 9/11 vets?
Susan Kovacs Idiot! Our country is getting deeper and deeper in debt and all you can think of is spend, spend, spend!
Christopher Gorton What about the involuntary separation pay that has to be paid back, before you can't get disability?
Mike Stebbins Once again ...Viet Man vets have been left out...look mother fuckers..we didn't lose because WE wanted to. We lost because politicians failed
Gabe Garcia If you're going to do it, do it right and grandfather all the vets. Everything is always post this, post that. We are all vets past and present.
Steven Gonzalez Quit asking this guy about Trump's comments. ASK about the bill!!!! I want to know about the bill!!!! That's the reason for the conference!!
Larry Kirkland What they need to do is grand father all who are eligible to thid new bill....
Paul Smits The bill only affects post 9/11 GI Bill recipients discharged after 2013. In other words it does nothing for Vietnam Vets or any Vets discharged before 2013. Its a great example of government sanctioned age discrimination and will do nothing for Vets who live in a work force environment where they often have to return to school to maintain good employment.
Bob Fritz Does this mean a Vietnam era GI bill veteran can go back to school ? I sure hope so !
John Shea I'd be back in school. I'm 70, never completed college. Would love to finish, not far to go.
Steven Gonzalez Are the reporters going to ask about the bill? What about the bill?!?!?!
DAVAugust 18th, 2017 at 1:04am

"These men and women are not trained for college. So that's where we come in, we're a boot camp. … We are an academic boot camp," said Sidney Ellington, a former Navy SEAL and the program's executive director.

Chris Shanley-dillman Back in 1990, we had a 1/2 day to ETS out. Wake up and by the end of the day you were just another Joe on the street. They kept telling us that we need to transition quickly to civilian life, but all I got was a plane ticket home. No VA or GI bill counselling, no tools to make the transition, no help, period. I went directly from the Gulf to Germany to the US in 2 days and into college in a couple weeks. I had a major, cultural-crisis conflict. I am so glad that they are starting to see that there needs to be some guidance. David Shanley-Dillman
Carlos Parscal I thought you could take college courses while in the military? not all military are in combat MOS's. you spend 4 years of your life in college then get in the unemployment line.
Dan DL I wasn't trained for college either the first 3 times I went. Maybe why I failed out? Who is trained for college? I've never seen any college training seminars
Ken Lemons The veterans need to take the lead and not just wait for this type of assistance. Most know when they are getting out/retiring and should take the initiative to be better prepared for what is ahead.
Wayne Pruski I sent my info to the DAV on 8/1/17. Waiting for help. Sent to Help.
Tammy Cumbie I wish they had something like this here in Murfreesboro Tennessee
Annie Donahue Jeremy Clague...what a cool idea, don't you think?
DK Gooch Wish we had that!
Jeffrey A Jones Do it
Ryan Roach Caleb Brigham
DAVAugust 18th, 2017 at 1:04am

Two recently produced studies in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine find little evidence that marijuana is helpful for chronic pain or PTSD. The VA also agreed. What do you think?

Mary Baker Meier I always enjoy it when people say that pot is a way to end drug dependency. What do they think POT IS??? It's a drug, folks. Currently, on the Federal level, and illegal drug. And in my opinion, as long as any state is allowing it to be used legally, their Federal money for healthcare and police should be pulled. If the Feds decide that pot is legal, then they start getting the money again. But a drug is a drug is a drug - they all affect you in some way and they are all something you can get hooked on.
Vic Hud I need to have a voice about this topic... I am an ARMY Veteran... my story would shock people... my story would make me the poster boy for Vets benefitting from cannabis... I am also a member of DAV.... if anyone is out there please contact me and I will tell you my story and you will have your evidence #11B 6 surgeries 2 years of physical therapy .... 180 milligrams of Oxycontin... 1 milligram of Klonopin and 1 mg of Xanax everyday for 2 years.... cannabis saved my life... my marriage and allowed me to function.... i received my bachelor's degree in three years, was the vice president of student veterans of America, deans list. I'm now a successful therapist in the P.T world... i am open to sharing my story to help other veterans... #DAV
Jamie Patton Ahhhh, I misread! I know for a fact MMJ is helpful for with PTSD.
Vic Moss Having smoked dope daily for three years, the only thing it did was dull my mind. Nothing good is coming from this bad experiment taking place in the country.
Pat Lavigne Is this a report from the same medical industry that spearheaded the immense rise in the use of opiates which has now blossomed into a full-blown social crisis?
Joe Mead So the VA says pot is not helpful. Liberals say smoke pot all you want. The 9th circuit court has ruled if you use pot, medical or not, you are giving up your rights to own firearms and can no longer own/possess or shot/hunt. Liberals want you to smoke pot so they can take your guns away legally.....
Allan Kooiman I was hosptitalized everytime the V.a changed my meds for treating my ptsd and anxiety Ive been on almost everything and only got the side effects your study is wrong and who sponsored it?? Let me guess big pharm?
Michael Brunner Just another scam a drug is a drug is a drug marijuana is a drug and deadly to our society
Carol Burns The cannabis oil DOES work for pain--I'm living proof of that. Several people I know use it and are thrilled with the results. Better research facts before making uninformed statement.
Brandon Ness Stop using trash weed. Don't use dirty concentrates. I'm sick of the VA and their stigma against cannabis. That other crap has life changing side effects and you all pass it out like candy.
Dustin Peters Cannabis is safe effective and helps my PTSD. No way I would still be alive. I think you're studying is flawed.
Matthew Tuttle Just don't complain when you're a homeless veteran because you can't pass a piss test to get a job
Cori Smith Will everyone stop drilling how bad opioids are geez!!!! Not everyone who takes opioids goes through that! I do myself a very low dosage but I have energy and can actually function on it. I understand that people use and abuse I am not nieve in those ways, however just like put bulls, opioids have gotten a seriously bad rap because you never hear of the good things. I wish I could do mj but the smell makes me nauseous and ingesting it makes me sick. So there are indeed two sides to every coin.
Mike Cummings Marijuana THC helps people with diseases. Helps people with anxiety, helps people with seizures, helps people with cancer to eat. People with bipolar disease. Just because the government tells you one thing doesn't mean it's true. Most of those people in Congress are in the pockets of big Pharmacy. If you start curing diseases with a cheap drug it takes money out of their pockets. The only reason it is a Class 1 drug is because was used quite extensively during the 60s so Nixon made it illegal felony so he could put people in jail that opposed him.
Alan Duncan BS....high CBD cannabis works; lotion, oils, vaping...I'm a 73 year old Nam vet diagnosed with PTSD, 100% disabled, and I use it daily.
Pete Gallant Bullshit!! Only thing that takes my migraine away..Yes TBI related, no not a fake headache guy. Also helps the pain in my feet from arthritis. VA just wants to make $$ peddling big Pharma drugs!!
Bobby Chester In my early 20s I experimented with weed as it was called then. The only thing it ever did for me was get me high, I didn't know where I was or what I was doing at the time. It certainly made me feel horrible when the high left. It was trouble then and it is trouble now. The American public is being hoodwinked into believing it helps this and it helps that. It doesn't! It causes pain and heartache down the road. Anyone who says it doesn't lead to harder drugs is dead wrong. Sooner or later you Will try something harder. I was fortunate enough to quit after a few years. Quit now, find another way to stop your ills. Marijuana doesn't cure anything. It simply prolongs something you need inside yourself. Jesus is the real answer and he has given Doctors the ability to help anyone. You only need courage to take the first step.
Donald Knispel I have never believed "smoking" something was good for anything. There is a reason certain substances need to be controlled.
Bob Wert Even if it was not efficacious for chronic pain or PTSD, it I would be helpful as a 'cognitive distraction' from the thoughts and pains that accompany both. Veterans would benefit from cannabis if they chose to use it for those purposes.
Dewey Marsh VA is Pharmasudical Pushers of Medication, not caring or listening to Us Veterans Whom have Problems with Bad Side Effects from the VA pill pushing Doctor's.
Elizabeth Wasson Much better than getting diabetes or a stroke with quietapine, or becoming addicted to gambling with ropinirole. I think I'll enjoy some right now, thanks for the reminder.
Frankie Rogers like anything with anyone. the right strain will work wonders for chronic pain. Albeit, im not about Marijuana, i did try it and for the first time in years i was actually without pain and not tense from the pains. But still not my cup of tea. If it works for someone. Then God speed.
Justin Bell My name is Justin. Veteran 11B 3 deployments. PTSD has destroyed my life. I'm not the same person anymore, I feel dead. I don't like anything I use too, I can't seem to enjoy anything anymore or have any motivation or drive to do anything. I have tried every type of anti depressants, pain meds, and anxiety medication and nothing has helped. I have never tried marijuana before and with the va not letting any vets try it yet legally I am lost. Any information would help a lot. I just don't want to do something to loose my va health care
Keith Nordeng one side effect of pot is hypervigalance, one symptom of PTSD is hypervigalance. So lets all get more paranoid. As far as pot for PTSD I don't think so, yes diagnosed with PTSD.
Steve Wilmarth Fake news ..... anything CNN puts out these days are phony.
DAVAugust 18th, 2017 at 1:04am

Have you checked out yet? See if there is a career fair coming to your area!

Carlos Parscal No I am a old timer Vietnam veteran IU, wishing the younger veterans good luck.
David Keelor I'm too busy trying to change VA hospitals and getting no where..can't work with all these Migraines
Richard Miller I'll take a look. I would like to belong to an organization again.
Stephanie Koski Olson Dillon Koski