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The D.J. Jacobetti Veterans Home in Marquette Michigan

A Little Popcorn can make a big difference

D.J. Jacobetti Veterans Home:  A Little Popcorn can make a big difference. The D.J. Jacobetti Veterans Home in Marquette Michigan announced the need for a […]


New Chapter Name, Expanded Service and Membership Area

June 2013 marks the first month of our new Chapter Name, Expanded Service and Membership Area.  With Ratification of the Chapter changes approved at the […]


New Transportation Network Van

We received our new Transportation Network Van, purchased using your community donations.  The Van will be used to support our area Veterans with transportation to Medical […]


Michigan News

DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganDecember 12th, 2017 at 8:06pm
DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganDecember 12th, 2017 at 8:06pm
DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganDecember 12th, 2017 at 8:06pm
Check out more pictures from DeLasalle Veterans Day Hockey game benefiting MIDAV🏒🏒🏒

DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganDecember 12th, 2017 at 8:06pm
Check out the L'Anse Creuse Jr ROTC presenting colors at the Veterans Day DeLasalle hockey game

DAV Department of Michigan
DAV Department of MichiganDecember 12th, 2017 at 8:06pm

National News

DAVDecember 12th, 2017 at 8:06pm

If you or a loved one suffer from moral injury this article may offer some new tools to help with coping.

Jeremy Holt March 23, 2003 CG-56 'the missiles' I empathize. Forecastle gunner. GMG2. Life member DAV/VFW. Honor Courage Commitment
Jay Flynn In war there are no "unwounded" soldiers....Not all wounds are visible!
Michael Wayne Sather The most difficult thing to do is be a good soldier and a decent human being.
Karla Johnson Terri Sutton read this. Interesting.
DAVDecember 12th, 2017 at 8:06pm

Join DAV and USAA for a special two hour pregame show leading up to one of the greatest military rivalries in the armed forces, Army vs Navy!

Marlene Robertson I don't care who wins it will be the only game I will watch all year.Thank you ALL for your hard work and service to our country
James Gill Turner My Brother was in the Navy & my Father-in-law, but I was in the Army so maybe I wish for a good game with no injuries !!!!!
Michael Brockway Go Veterans I was Army and the Retired Air Force about 30 years service I would still have the uniform on if my knees hadn't started hurting to bad
Tomi Bari G'morning yous guys! 🏟🏈 My Dad & older cousin were in the Army, his younger brother, Marines, me Navy(14yrs.) ⚓ So, may the best team win! Good Luck & Godspeed! (* can't wait!) 🎗
Tracy Gutfreund As a NAVY VET of 30 years. . GREAT that Home Depot n Pizza hut is sponcering since most of you will end up working there LOL GO NAVY CRUSH ARMY
Susan Goldberg Curado Thank you to all our Veterans and current members of our Armed Forces. My Dad was Army, so GO ARMY!!!!!!!!
Troy S. Anderson Army Is Going To Win!!!
Karen M Zabik Army me too, my brother was West Point Army
Richard Goode Sr. There are no loosers...
William Randt when is the parade start time for west coast??
Jeff Spehar Was in both. Army and Navy. But retired Navy. Navy will destroy them.
Michael Turner Got to go for Navy since they have Marines too.
Robert Molnar weather does not cancel football games
Paul Woods Go Air Force...oh
Hannah Hendru Go concession stands! You’ll be the only ones laughing today! 😂
Alexa Respeto Lol...I dated a Midshipman...and my son's are Go Navy!!!!
Judith Ann Dunn Navy Vet, Navy Brat, Navy Wife/Widow, kids Navy/Marine Vets. Go NAVY, beat Army.
Jeff Worthen Better to have a fight on a green field than a battle field.
Teresa Rehmet Mahanna Love this, best game of the year..... may the best team losers here😊
Zach Pesick Is the game going to be played?
Marc Burgess Say hi to Bill the Goat for me
Colene Staples Thanks to USAA got doing this!
David Brown Since ARMY doesn't stand a chance.....I 'd like to send them a beer.....with 75 straws...enjoy !
Phillip Harris Well heck, thst didn't fare well for Navy.
Raymond Lawrence Proud to be associated with both!!!
DAVDecember 12th, 2017 at 8:06pm

There's a group of veterans in Kansas City who are working hard to eliminate veteran homelessness. They even created a bus pass in the city that has given a half million rides to more than 3500 veterans! Check out Veterans Community Project and see the...

Tyler Cummings Veterans Community Project is an amazing organization. I’ve met a couple of the owners. As well as helped 2x4's for HOPE. All the skeptics should come help with the board signings and the project builds.
Adam Smith They do that here in Albuquerque, NM. Free rides on the bus got me to work when times were tough. One job turned into two, raises and promotions, now I drive and dont mind paying the taxes that support this. Im very thankful!
Jack Howett-Loutzenhiser These veterans should be the first people that we take care of,God bless to Kansas,I wish I could help but I will keep praying
Carlos Parscal Even if they are too cheap to give free transportation at least they could do is give a seniors discount, I think most fall in that category.
Corrine Thomas Homeless and veteran should NEVER be in the same sentence.
Dan McDaniels They don't do that here. Talk- 70% percent of helping veterans here is Talk. 💪 just talk.
Victoria Park The bus pass project should be good. Other states have tried this for different programs.
Edward A.Gross Do they really want the help most don't and would rather live on the street
Ed Shaw Our chapter is closing because of members losing sight of what it means to be a DAV member .
Lisa Hicks Hughes Paper pushers !!!!!!!! Forms and application Galore !!!! And Families can't find these people !!!!!!! #Collation for FAMILIES of lost Homeless VETS !!!
Vickie Lawson Craven Need this in every state! All of our vets deserve help!!!
Gretchen Rieck they created a bus pass?? what does that mean?
Pam Castillo We love u guys Hang in there
Veterans Community Project For more information or to get involved please visit us at
George Hillman old school
Nancy DeBaca
Tom Martin KCMO you friggin ROCK‼️
Dan McDaniels Also our transit system here is Rinky- DInk. They don't care 🤔
Lance Walden Knoxville, TN just destroyed all homeless camps. right in dead of winter, so thoughtfull they are
DAVDecember 12th, 2017 at 8:06pm

Today and every day we remember those who came before us. On this day 76 years ago, a date that still lives in infamy, the Japanese launched the attack that thrust the United States into World War II. DAV Life Member, Will Lehner remembers that...

Danny Karen King And some people think it’s ok to disrespect all of these men and women by taking a knee!!! It’s just sickening!!!
Allen Chandler This is for you I Will Stand on That Wall by Allen Chandler I was 18 and I stepped forward. I said I will stand on that wall and protect you all. I will guard my family and my friends and my country from all those who threaten us. The only thing I asked was that my leaders choose wisely. I was 18 I said I will stand on that wall and protect you from whoever came to do harm. I will stop the evil people whoever they might be. I will protect my family, my country. The only thing I asked was that my leaders choose wisely. I did not ask for cheers or awards. I said I will stand here because it is the right thing to do. I said hot or cold, day or night, at home or overseas, I will be on that wall. The only thing I asked was that my leaders choose wisely. I was there for over 20 years. I stood on that wall. I tried to protect my family, friends, and countrymen from all who would cause them harm. I served in every one of our 50 states, in over 20 countries, in over 20 time zones around the world. The only thing I asked was that my leaders choose wisely. I stood on the wall from the North Pole to the equator and tried to guard our country from those who would try to harm it. I stood on that wall. I saw my friends die. I killed. I came close to dying and was prepared to die to protect our way of life, to protect our families, to protect our country. The only thing I asked was that our leaders choose wisely. I stood on that wall because this country is still 1,000 times better that whatever is in second place. I stood on that wall for just under 8,000 days with the men and women who became my brothers and sisters. The only thing we asked was that our leaders choose wisely. You will never know the expression “I’ve got your back” till you stand on that wall. We stood on the wall in warm weather and cold. We stood in on that wall at the DMZ in Korea, the secret bunker in England, and three floors underground in Omaha, Nebraska. The only thing we asked was that our leaders choose wisely. We stood on that wall at three in the morning when the claxton sounded for a drill, a training session, or the real thing. We stood on that wall in the icy cold in Greenland, the balmy seas of the Mediterranean, the waste of the driest desert, and the downtown streets of the world’s largest cities. The only thing we asked was that our leaders choose wisely. There are over 2 million men and women standing on that wall today and the only thing they ask is that their leaders choose wisely.
Michael Raines God Bless you sir. We appreciate your service and we honor you today along with so many. Best wishes always.
Wanda Smith sir i'm going to pray over your health condition that God the Father and the son heal you well of lungs and heart and from the war too in the name of the father of the son and of the holy ghost ,also my mom diane and also ron needs well of health too diabetes type 2 plus injuries need well my spines hurting me again too jesus name we pray amen
Cindy Rea What a story. We need to keep recording every story from every vet, to keep track of our history. It's getting lost, day by day, as they pass. These are history-making moments in the lives of individuals, and I want to know them all.
Heather Guinard Thank you and all families and friends for their sacrifice. God Bless.
Kimmy Goetz Thank you for serving our country and for sharing your personal story with us.
Victor Josphe Shukait Thank you for your service to our country and God bless you I salute you sir and thank you for sharing your story
Mike O'Hara I thank them all from the bottom of my heart GODBLESS
Patty Smith Thank you sir and God bless!
Dennis Crist Thank you Grandpa Tom Howard for serving our country
Gaynell Grashoff Thank You and God Bless You for your service to our country 🇺🇸
Noreen Baker Thank you for your service. We will never forget.
Jene Betterton My husband and I are lifetime members.
Lisa Hicks Thank you for your service God Bless all of you God Bless America 🇺🇸
Terry Harder Thank you and all vets for your service and sacrifice
Aleesha Hy GOD BLESS HIM thank u for your service
Jessie Faye Dixon Patterson Thank y’all so much for your Service and Sacrifices for our Country. May God Bless each one of you.
Craig Hall Thank you and all who fought to keep our country free!
Chuck N Cece Sterling Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
Steve Holquin Men like him are why I chose to serve my country instead of disrespecting it.
Scott-Denise Tozier Thank you World War II Veterans, for paving the way for us! 🇺🇸🦅
DAVDecember 12th, 2017 at 8:06pm

“Representing the population of veterans with the most catastrophic injuries, who require some of the most intensive and expensive institutional care, Paralyzed Veterans of America understands better than most that caregivers are essential to our members’ longevity and quality of life,” said Interim Executive Director...

Paralyzed Veterans of America
Live Now! Caregiver Benefit Expansion Legislation Press Conference #CareForVeterans Watch Senator Murray’s YouTube stream here: DAV The American Legion National Headquarters Vfw
DAV Building on yesterday’ successful event culminating in the delivery of a 182K+ signature petition to Congress urging passage of a bill to expand caregiver benefits to severely disabled veterans of all generations, a group of VSOs has sent a letter to Congress today urging swift passage of that legislation. This bill will improve and modernize the care America provides #veterans, and includes an essential provision expanding #caregiver benefits to veterans of all eras. Download the joint letter urging passage of S. 2193 here:
Eddie Hoffmann This always happens. There’s a group that gets taken care of and some get left out. Look at CRDP, for example. Shouldn’t be that way but it’s how social welfare programs work.
Rich Goebel Sometimes it seems like there's more for caregivers, than there is to veterans.